We live in a world where technology is being used at an increasing level. We watch in awe and some of us wait in anticipation as new devices and programs are invented for us to use in everyday situations to make our lives ‘easier’.

We know that there needs to be a balance with screen-time but where do we draw the line? At what point do we turn off the device and steer our kids to do other activities? Again, balance is key. By mixing outdoor activities, crafts, the Arts, physical and sensory activities, we can achieve that balance if we are committed to it. If we value educating our kids in a multi-faceted way, we can still harness their desire to be active on their device while learning to read.

We know that parental supervision is vital to ensure that our kids are accessing appropriate material on their devices. Kids like to be independent and are amazing at navigating electronics. We can support their reading development by giving then fully interactive, audio eBook options.

The Reading Mountain titles are now available as interactive audio eBooks. Kids can be the ‘boss’ of their own reading and read engaging, supportive, simpler chapter books while they check their reading accuracy with the narrator. It’s easy and fun.

Here’s little Louie who demonstrates how easy and fun one of our interactive audio eBooks is to read.


  • The key here is to provide a balance between accessing hard copies (in print) and eBooks. To provide one and not the other isn’t providing a balance or developing an independence in our kids to make informed choices.
  • Going to a local library can involve both borrowing a hard copy, but also talking to the librarian about the latest eBooks they have in their borrowing system.
  • Bolinda is an awesome app where families can borrow eBooks for free.

As an educator and an author I advocate that ‘reading is reading’ and I believe the ‘horse has bolted’ in terms of device use. While it’s a carer’s responsibility to provide balance, it’s important to prepare children for a world of interactive learning.

If you’re worried about screen-time, sit with your child and create a positive screen experience.  Ask them to read their new eBook to you. It’s a time when you can both interact and talk about the reading.

Harness the enthusiasm.

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