The Reading Mountain is a proud sponsor of Red Letter Day and the winners of the letter writing competition were announced last week.

The theme for 2017 was ‘My Dyslexia Champion’. Kids around Australia were asked to express their feelings and share how a special person has helped them with their dyslexia. Their stories are uplifting and inspiring. Clearly, there are special people who have had such a palpable impact on the children by supporting them in so many ways, as they navigate their dyslexia journey.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate all of the entrants on their fantastic Red Letters! It would have been so difficult for the judges, to choose the winners.

Congratulations to our winners.

We loved your inspiring letters.

You are all legends and your prizes are on the way!

Seren Davies (12yrs)

Jack Pritchard (8 yrs)

Abby Dickson (10 yrs)

Sebastian Butcher (8 yrs)

As a prize, each our winners has won a set of newly released books. To find out more about Red Letter Day, we recommend taking a look at their website as it is a brilliant and empowering  competition that raises awareness for Dyslexia.

Here are the amazing letters from our winners:

Seren Davies – 12


Jack Pritchard – 8


Sebastian Butcher – 8


Abby Dickson – 10


The Reading Mountain looks forward to supporting the ‘My Red Letter’ campaign in 2018!



Merry Christmas!

Susan Spelic

Experienced Educator | Reading Advocate | Author | Director
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