Phonics Reading Books for Children and Students

Learning to read can be the greatest joy for some students and the most arduous battle for others. It all depends on the individual, their learning abilities, and preferences. Everyone has different capabilities, but sometimes other factors are involved; for example, learning differences such as dyslexia. In this case, students will need extra support. Existing interventions may not effectively address children’s learning needs.

At The Reading Mountain, we have a wide range of reading tools for kids such as phonics reading books, to equip teachers and support students who are experimenting with the 44 phonemes. Learning to read can be a positive experience, rather than a frustrating one for everyone.

Making learning to read easier for kids with phonics reading books

If you see kids struggling with reading, and it feels like you’ve tried everything and you’re all out of ideas, there are options out there. Phonics reading books for kids are a great place to start. For children who find reading to be an overwhelming challenge, Synthetic phonics instruction is an effective and systematic teaching technique. 

By starting with learning simple sounds and learning how to build up into words, and then investigate how the sounds look in a word is a good and fun way to make reading less intimidating. Meanwhile, the wonderful stories themselves are a great way to help kids forget they are learning and enjoy the process of getting lost in the other worlds the words create.

Get your phonics reading books for children from The Reading Mountain today

When you need a few extra things in your teaching toolboxes, such as decodable books and phonics reading books for your students, visit The Reading Mountain. We have a diverse collection of books on our online bookstore and encourage ease of access with free shipping to anywhere in Australia! If you need any further information on our products, and how they benefit schools and families, delivery or anything else, please feel free contact us. We love feedback.

Help young readers to achieve their goals, with phonics reading books for children from The Reading Mountain!

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