Reading Intervention Resources and Books for Dyslexic Kids and Reluctant Readers

We all have different strengths and abilities, but that doesn’t mean that they have to hold us back. Every obstacle can be overcome, with the right tools, support and perseverance. When it comes to learning disabilities, sometimes it can seem like the hurdles are insurmountable, but there is help out there, if you know where to look. There are plenty of aids on the market for dyslexic children, and it can get overwhelming trying to decide which is the best one for their needs. At The Reading Mountain, we have a new range of reading intervention books for dyslexic kids. Libraries and schools are using them to teach reading. There’s something for everyone, no matter what their level or ability. If a child is confusing letters and sounds that their peers seem to be learning easily and ‘alarm bells are ringing’, ask for a phonological awareness assessment (the ability to recognise and manipulate the sounds in words).  Early screening and intervention is key to engaging and teaching children to read.

Dyslexia – a difference with learning or a disability?

Some children with dyslexia can feel disheartened at school. Dyslexic kids think in different and wondrous ways!  Their strengths should be identified and harnessed to raise feelings of self-worth. We’re here help support and engage all children when learning to read. We are advocates of fun, multi-sensory approaches when learning to read sounds in words.  Kids tell us that our dyslexia friendly books are ‘very ‘cool’. It takes evidence-based instruction to properly teach phonics, the right tools and approaches (assistive technologies and extra time allowances) and resources, patience, commitment from all involved, to assist all children to learn to read.

The Reading Mountain’s dyslexia friendly books are not just for dyslexic students but for all beginning, reluctant or disengaged readers. Sometimes when we see a child struggling, we want to help but don’t know where to start. The Reading Mountain’s stories can help. The first short vowel set is written for children who have mastered all 44 phonemes but are still decoding when they come to an unknown word.

Get books for kids with dyslexia from The Reading Mountain Today!

If you’re a parent, teacher or librarian with a mission to help reluctant reader (who might have dyslexia,) to read, check out our new affordable titles.

 As well as being dyslexia friendly, our books contain CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) e.g.; ‘top’ ‘hot’ and VC words (vowel-consonant) e.g.; ‘in’ ‘on’ with a few more complex words e.g.; ‘message.’ The books are a small, ‘step up’ from decodable reading books and phonics reading books, so children can become more independent in their own learning by accessing stories with words that they can eventually master in their own time. 

 Written with care at The Reading Mountain, our quality printed books and interactive children’s eBooks are directly available from our online bookshop and from iBooks, Bolinda, James Bennett- now, available to libraries and distributed to all reputable stockists around the world.

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