Duck in a Cup
– English audio eBook

Written by Susan Spelic and Illustrated by Cassandra Storm D.

This interactive audio eBook assists with reading accuracy.

Duchess is a proud duck who loves her seven little ducklings. They all waddle up the street to visit Granny. What happens when the littlest duckling goes missing? Will they find her?

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‘Duck in a Cup’ is a supportive narrative for young struggling readers.

This interactive audio eBook enables young readers to read by themselves and then to take charge and check their reading accuracy. Children can check their own reading and phrasing by clicking on the beginning of each phrase, to hear the narrator read it aloud.

Featuring simpler words to decode (sound out) using all 44 phonemes, this book, has a short ‘u’ sound focus in the decodable words; up, cup, mum. Written for children with Dyslexia, ASD and special needs, this popular first chapter book features the well-spaced Dyslexie typeface and captions support comprehension.

Reading Stage: 7/D        Word Count: 185       

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