Decodable Reading Books for Students

Reading can be a fun journey for some, but for others it can be a bit of a chore. Every student has different abilities and learning styles, and it’s important to realise this and nurture those abilities, and tailor teaching styles to help them achieve results. Effective educational resources are invaluable additions to a teacher’s tool kit if they need to find truly useful. Purposeful reading activities and comprehension questions are available when sets of books are purchased. At The Reading Mountain, we supply a range of semi-decodable and decodable books for kids, so they can reach their reading goals.

A helping hand when it comes to reading

Learning to read should be a joy, regardless of child’s ability.  Keeping up with other students, can cause a child to feel pressure and can be put off reading. Nobody want to be ‘different’ and having access to ‘super cool chapter books, that contain decodable words, can engage kids and help along the way.

Mixing it up and finding alternative techniques to creating better readers gives young readers a helping hand.

As children find The Reading Mountain, chapter books engaging, they will be interested in learning to read. They might even enjoy the process.

Get decodable reading books from The Reading Mountain today!

As a teacher who caters for everyone on your class, you will find these teacher’s aids just what you need for your tool kit .  The  phonics books and decodable reading book sets from The Reading Mountain are something different and very special.

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