By Susan Spelic

Recently, I was invited to contribute to an article about being a ‘working mum’.
We all know that being a parent is both challenging and rewarding. Most mums work full-time at home but there’s another layer of complexity if she also works full-time for others. has released a blog from a few different mothers’ perspectives, discussing some of the best things about being a working mum.

Whilst I personally still enjoy the challenges of operating my own children’s book publishing company, I am always conscious of needing to maintain a balance between work, family, and my personal wellbeing.

For me, being a mum while a being full-time worker and employer elsewhere means that time is precious. As a firm believer that ‘family is always first’, I’ll admit it is still a juggling act and there is always a need to be flexible. Short family beach breaks and daily meditation are key to making the journey smoother and to ‘keep on going’.

Stopping to be mindful of my senses and breathing- even at red traffic lights or while a kettle is boiling, are the foundations of my ‘self-care.’ When days are hectic, prioritising key tasks needs to happen. I am mindful that there will always be an unfinished list. So far, I have surprised myself in a good way and believe that celebrating successes with family is important, together with showing my girls that powerful and valuable learning can happen from challenging situations.


Susan Spelic

Experienced Educator | Reading Advocate | Author | Director


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