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The information and materials available on this website are provided solely for the purpose of general information, not as professional advice. Any reliance on the information contained on or accessed from this website is solely at your risk. The Reading Mountain® Pty Ltd supports efforts to provide individuals with dyslexia or related learning difficulties with appropriate support and to assist families and carers to identify needs at an early age. The Reading Mountain® Pty Ltd is not, and must not be construed as being, dyslexia specialists. Rather, The Reading Mountain® Pty Ltd has, in good faith, researched methods and taken efforts to provide a range of views about methods for effectively working with dyslexic and reluctant readers. The Reading Mountain® Pty Ltd acknowledges the work of The Australian Dyslexia Association who believes that Orton Gillingham/Multisensory Structured Language teaching is, at the time of publication of this website, the best approach currently available for those affected by dyslexia. The Reading Mountain® publishes selected products and let it be known that testing and trials of The Reading Mountain® books is currently being sourced. Standards of research have limitations and in noting such, The Reading Mountain® works with the understanding that each child has unique needs and every effort has been taken by Reading Advocates of The Reading Mountain, to engage children and carers in the regular act of reading to maximize reader engagement. The Reading Mountain® Pty Ltd is not responsible for any actions you take or decisions you make. The final decision must always be yours.

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