Passion is the difference!

The Reading Mountain® is passionate about assisting kids to read. We make a positive and measurable difference to the reading experiences of young beginning readers by engaging them with beautiful, simple and decodable books. Our books empower children to have fun with stories and learn to read in a non-threatening, interactive and fun way.


Our Story

The Reading Mountain®, founded by experienced Educator, Reading Advocate and writer Susan Spelic, is an exciting new company based in Melbourne, Australia. We are a team of experienced, knowledgeable and creative reading and illustration professionals. We have a love of books, reading and all things imaginative and supportive. The Reading Mountain® values the importance of phonics, explicit instruction, multisensory learning, play and the development of happy and independent young readers.



No one wants to be ‘behind’ friends at school. Susan understands the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by many when learning to read. Thirty years of experience in Reading Intervention and teaching English as an Additional Language comprises the bedrock of what The Reading Mountain® creates and how we support kids. This knowledge is shared for the benefit of professionals, families and, most importantly, the children.


What’s on offer for your child?

Every small child wants to read a chapter book! We offer something a little different – a graphic novel style, incorporating original illustrations to engage kids and support their understanding of stories.

Literacy Intervention and support programs are not always available or offered to all families who need it. The Reading Mountain® helps fill this void by offering cool chapter books that focus on simple, decodable words.


What makes our books reader-friendly?

At The Reading Mountain®, a range of elements help make our books dyslexic and reluctant reader-friendly. From the muted colour palettes and engaging images, to the large font and graphic novel structure, every element has been carefully designed to help grow a child’s reading confidence. The first set of books features highlighted short vowel sounds as they appear in words to support the learning of short vowel sounds in simple words. This promotes reading confidence and independence.

In addition to thoughtful layout of text, images and spacing, we use Dyslexie because it is attractive and well-spaced. This font is used in many schoolbooks around the world. Visit our FAQs page to find out more about Dyslexie.

There’s more…

At the Reading Mountain®, we want all families to easily access our creative and useful books. New titles focussing on different phonics needs and bilingual audiobooks will soon be available. While some kids require audio support and eBook format, other learners may simply share a larger big book with their friends. Small printed books are perfect for home reading.


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